Eskom is a government-owned company that is South Africa’s main supplier of electric power. It produces and distributes almost all of the electricity used in the country. It is also the largest electricity provider in all of Africa, generating nearly half the electricity used on the continent.

Eskom produces most of its electricity at power plants that use coal as their energy source. It also operates gas-fired, nuclear, and hydroelectric (waterpower) plants, as well as pumped-storage schemes. A pumped-storage scheme stores electricity, in effect, by using it to pump water uphill into a reservoir during hours of low demand. During hours of high demand, the same water is released from the reservoir into a hydroelectric power plant.

We supply most Eskom Parts and Components

Which areas do you cover?

We cover the Southern Africa part and through partners our business is extended to other areas in Africa.

Do you supply discontinued items?

Yes, we have a special arrangement with OEMs on discontinued items. If we cannot get you an original discontinued part, we will present an option of used or refurbished product.

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